onsdag, juli 30, 2008

We are hiking again! Woohoo!

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same womb...we think sagde ...

Hey Momma Bott!!!! I haven't looked on the blog for a while.....Congratluations!!!!!! Shelby is so adorable!!!! I wish I could hold her. I love her bath bucket and the great stroller! I hope you are starting to get some sleep. I would love your address if you get time to email it to me. kimstratman@yahoo.com
Give Shelby a kiss from Keeeum and Ruthie.

jesse and whit... sagde ...

duh, kim, it's a pram. just joking, i didn't know what that thing was called either. ur a pean. no, really, you are european now. i love it and i love you. miss ya bott. can't wait to snuggle with shelby.