torsdag, februar 04, 2010

The cat now sleeps in the old hospital bag. Welcome to Dixie, Skeeter and Puss' newest sibling: Emerson Lane Everhart.

søndag, december 27, 2009

Shelby is changing fast and so is her desire to do new things. No more baby for this young tot. This Christmas Simon and I took Shelby's "grown up mentality" into consideration before toy shopping.
I thought I could add a little spice to this retro orange color dollhouse from the 1960's. I took many different styles of wrapping paper and stuck them on with decupage glue. She got the 1950's dollhouse furniture from my mom which I am trying to decorate with some of the same kind of patterns for a more realistic effect. Though Shelby is too young to appreciate it now, I look forward to doing small projects like this with her in the future!

Ironing is a fun household chore of mine,
so when I saw this miniture ironing board
and toy iron at a flea market,
I knew I had to have it for
Shelby's room!

Shelby has a keen sense of organization.
When she is in our kitchen she likes to help
us wash dishes and mix things in the blender.
Hence the new kitchen set complete with frying pan
and tea kettle.
Shelby loves dolls. I love blue and red. I have a friend who makes fabulous things for
kids. She made all of Shelby's bedding and then some.
Recently she made Shelby a duvet cover
and a pillowcase with our taste in mind. For more of Julie click here.

All kids love to tumble around hence the wheely bug she got from her grandparents. Though she can't reach the floor on it now, it is sure to be a hit! And what would we do without Pooh?
She has adopted a few friend in the midst of the holiday season! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


lørdag, december 19, 2009

lørdag, oktober 17, 2009

Note to self: When winter comes, get out of the house.

mandag, august 10, 2009

Home again. Life is continuing at rapid speed. I have started work, Shelby is being baby sat by a close friend and Simon is approaching his last year of school. If I wasn't smart I would say I can almost see what is in the horizon, but I'm smart and just like the earth our lives are always moving and our plans are usually too far in the distance to see if they will turn out the way we want them too. So I will just say we are happy living life one day at a time where there is a constant hope of a future. mmmm bye bye. Pictures are from a hike that I can't remember the name of.

torsdag, juli 02, 2009

Danes and Americans: I am updating our USA adventures on my Sommerland blog! Check it out!

mandag, juni 29, 2009

Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear? Shelby enjoyed her first birthday at the zoo in copenhagen.
We are on the Outer Banks visiting for a month, which is a MUCH needed trip for the both of us. We hope to get some quality time with friends and family and some relaxation. The first week we are staying with my parents awaiting the arrival of chad and april on tuesday. They will be here until Saturday. The second week we are moving to the cottage and expect yawl to get you fannies over there :) Third we are flirting with the idea of Boone depending on the Everharts calender. And the last week we are back with my parents for the remaining days until we depart for home again the 27 of July.
We look forward to seeing all of you! We are getting ready to venture out to the beach so I'm outtie! Can't wait to see yawl!