lørdag, juli 26, 2008

Shelby is one month old! She really has been a joy to be with. Right now, Simon and I are trying to develop some good sleeping habits for her, which we hope will come eventually. In other news, we enjoyed a nice long visit from Grandma Suki. Suki is Shelby's way of calling her Grandma Sue.
Grandma was a big help with the burping and especially my needs. I had the need for popcorn balls and grandma whipped them right up!
The past 5 days Simon and I enjoyed a vacation in the countryside at Inger and Jorg's (they are in Spain). Time was spent in the garden sun and simply lounging around. Simon took his eyes off his child and I in the evenings to watch Tour de France. I got jealous and started training for it so he will look at me sometimes;)

Shelby made the most of being a summer-born baby by sleeping outside. It's been fun! Challenging but O, the joys!! A wee bop!

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