fredag, februar 02, 2007

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whitney and jesse sagde ...

hip hip hooray! can't wait. since we're related by marriages, am i included on the family christmas? just pickin'. sue would yell at me if i showed up. can't wait to see you botttttt!!!!

The Namtarts sagde ...

dang on!
how'd you get that calendar on your blog? you'r so dang sophisticated. Have fun in the Outer Butt Bot....we'll have to catch you on the flipside since Keeum will be droppin' a bisquit in mid march.

When Doves Cry,

The Namtarts sagde ... have a log in your eyeball!

You have the JUEVOS RANCHEROS to rag on my beard hairs when you have farmed a hair nursery on your limbs?

Nate Leppard