tirsdag, januar 30, 2007

Baby Noah

This is Melanie on New Years Eve. Now, she only has about 2 more weeks before she can practice various labor positions. I know that she is thoroughly looking forward to this activity. I found out her delivery room will have a bathtub just in case she wants to take her baby for his first swim. Dont you think it would be perfect for baby Noah to be delivered in a tub? I think it is very appropriate considering the name! Noah from the Bible was a sailor and Noah Snyder is a pro surfer dude. What kind of Noah will this one be? Guess we will find out in 13 days! When I get preggy maybe I will name my baby Jonah so I can use the bathtub.

Rubber duckies anyone?

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Anonym sagde ...


MAN I miss all of you guys!!! Im coming on 26th of March looking forward to it!! Tell Daniel and Melanie congrats on the baby!!!! I wanna see some pics!!! :))))
Okey I gotta go!!! C you!!! byeeeee

Anonym sagde ...

By the way that was me.... Leivur :D

Im having a great time here!!!!