søndag, december 27, 2009

Shelby is changing fast and so is her desire to do new things. No more baby for this young tot. This Christmas Simon and I took Shelby's "grown up mentality" into consideration before toy shopping.
I thought I could add a little spice to this retro orange color dollhouse from the 1960's. I took many different styles of wrapping paper and stuck them on with decupage glue. She got the 1950's dollhouse furniture from my mom which I am trying to decorate with some of the same kind of patterns for a more realistic effect. Though Shelby is too young to appreciate it now, I look forward to doing small projects like this with her in the future!

Ironing is a fun household chore of mine,
so when I saw this miniture ironing board
and toy iron at a flea market,
I knew I had to have it for
Shelby's room!

Shelby has a keen sense of organization.
When she is in our kitchen she likes to help
us wash dishes and mix things in the blender.
Hence the new kitchen set complete with frying pan
and tea kettle.
Shelby loves dolls. I love blue and red. I have a friend who makes fabulous things for
kids. She made all of Shelby's bedding and then some.
Recently she made Shelby a duvet cover
and a pillowcase with our taste in mind. For more of Julie click here.

All kids love to tumble around hence the wheely bug she got from her grandparents. Though she can't reach the floor on it now, it is sure to be a hit! And what would we do without Pooh?
She has adopted a few friend in the midst of the holiday season! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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jesse and whit... sagde ...

her room is disgustingly cute! i know how much she loves antiques like us :) hope you had a wonderful Christmas. next week i plan on blogging again... so watch out! miss you bott. you're bott. love, bott

same womb...we think sagde ...

I love all the retro toys! The dollhouse is great!
Hope you had a wonderful holiday! love- kim

jesse and whit... sagde ...

get here. soon. p.s... i updated my blog. yippee!

jesse and whit... sagde ...

hold on... is that you, or bjork in that facebook picture on the side of your blog? congrats on being an aunt!! can't wait til yall come home and we have a big family reunion! love ya bott.