mandag, oktober 13, 2008

In this picture you will notice that I am sitting on my own couch with my suitcase and baby...AT HOME! rrrrrrrrrrrip!

  • Suitcases packed-check
  • diaper bag packed with TEN changing diapers-check
  • passports-check
  • money-check
  • tickets-check

Well, what went wrong? We forgot to recheck the times on the tickets and just when we thought we were at the airport 2½ hours EARLY we found out that we were only 25 minutes early, which was NOT time enough to catch our flight. Since we got the tickets cheap, we agreed to something that waived our rights to refunds or any later flights, therefore Simon and I lost the $2,000 we spent on our tickets and are now forced to buy new ones.

The good news? On a positive note, we believe that there is a greater purpose for this happening. Though it has been VERY disappointing there is a reason for everything, right? right? Just agree with me here. Shelby and I are still coming Sunday the 19th and staying for a full two weeks. Simon had to give up his trip because he would have to take too much time away from school. (Please pray for him. He is beating himself pretty badly because he believes everything is his fault.)

The situation could not come at a better time. Simon has a full week off for fall break, therefore we get to spend much needed quality time with each other before I leave. For Shelby and I, anytime is perfect to travel because we have a pretty open agenda:) Simon and I are agreeing that money is just paper, buuut it still pinches a nerve every time we look at our suitcases that are still packed and our jackets that we still have to wear outside because its not 75-80 degrees here like it is on the OB, which Simon won't get to experience now anyway. Does anyone feel sorry for us now? Did I mention that the airplane was still there when we got there and they would not hold it for us? A blog's a blog, right?

Anyhoo, to the OBers, see you soon, just not this week. To the Danes: We are here if you wanna hang;)

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jesse and whit... sagde ...

talk about a bummer. dangit. that's why i hate to travel. good thing you love it and have a great attitude! can't wait to see you next sunday! tell simon we love him and we'll miss him. it's not 80 degrees so he's not missin' much.

juls sagde ...

that is a major stinker! so sorry! poor simon, give him a hug for us. this happens to all of us! at least you are "stuck" at home and not some layover city or ridiculous third world location. we missed our international flight out of norfolk once (headed back to nepal) because we decided to hang out in the parking lot in the car with matt's family until the last minute (they couldn't hang inside b/c kate had her DOG with her!). so silly! thankfully we didn't have a baby yet, but still! thankfully you guys are flexible. enjoy your stay-cation week at home with your hubby and then your two weeks in ob. wish i could be there too!!!! but i am going to pop ANY minute! xoxo

same womb...we think sagde ...

I am soooo sorry!!!! I hope all else goes well. Know we are thinking about you! -keeum