lørdag, juli 05, 2008

Shelby is almost 2 weeks old now. She has been a very pleasant baby and has grown excessively FAT! When the doctors weighed her the first time at the hospital, Simon and I had a nine pound baby on our hands. She managed to lose about a 1/2lb the first 3 days but now she has surpassed her birthweight again weighing in at about 10lbs! That is a BIG baby! A vey big baby!
So far Shelby has had her first pram walks, which she loves. She has also slept outside in it three times. She has had her first bath giving to her by mommy alone which she seemed to like but hated coming into the cold afterwards. She got her heel pricked at the doctors and didnt even cry and has so far been to two BBQS. She was a snob at Charlottes birthday, however, and wanted nothing but mother's milk. Manners, hello!
I have been OK. Mothering is no is 9 to 5 job. It is a round the clock...ummm...whole new life. Keeping up with Shelbys pace is like being a college party animal all over again. Your up all night, wake up early in the morning, eat little, drink a lot (water that is) forget your name, forget you husbands name, laundry builds, forget to bathe, you sleep more in the day than at night...I mean, rewind to my junior year of college and you would be looking at the same person (only on the outside). I guess the only difference is that my spirit is alive and full regardless of the shape my body and mind are in. God has really blessed Simon and I with a beautiful little hobbit. We are grateful. Now if you will excuse me as I go express more milk for miss fatty boomsticks.
Looking forward to Grandma Suki's arrival next week. A woo wee! View Shelby's first week here.

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juls sagde ...

"fatty boomsticks" - i love it! and love fat babies! they're the best! sumo babies with lots of folds, rolls and cracks!