mandag, juni 16, 2008

a afternoon walk

field hill


This will be my last blog until the baby is born (unless there is another duck story). Right now, Simon and I are looking forward to our trip to the hospital. Our bags are packed and the baby seat is in place for the trip. Now we are just in waiting mode.

My days consist of sleeping to 10 (I know this is a bad habit that will soon be broken), watching television, making one trip to town a day, watering my garden, a afternoon walk (to get'er down) and finally Eurocup soccer. The finals are on my due date, of course. Simon is praying for a birth before or after (tee hee).
We have a name!! And we both are very satisfied with it. Most of you have heard it before, and the first name isn't Lucille. We can't wait to reveal to you her identity:)

That's all on this side of the ocean. My brain, as you can imagine, is pretty consumed with baby right now. Please pray for us as we approach this HA-UGE adventure that will be with us for the rest of our lives. We love you and look foward to the day you get to meet miss what's her name!

2 kommentarer:

April and Chad sagde ...

are those birkenstocks i saw on your feet??

lookin good, you are about to pop, huh!! you are in our prayers sister!

jesse and whit... sagde ...

o.m.g. i am gonna write the same thing as april. are those birkenstocks ya lil' hippy? who are you now? aw yuck. nah, just pickin'... they are super-comfy, unlike locals. i love the photo of your belly in the floweres, so cute. can't wait to see baby bott. we'll be praying for you. love you.