lørdag, februar 09, 2008

Momma is sitting here devouring a bag of popcorn.

Everyone knows what is going on in our life right now so I am not going to pretend that something else is on our minds...because there isn't really anything else. Of course, we think about each other, but really, now that there is a little bambina on the way we think about what we have created: nothing short of sugar and spice and everything nice because everyone knows that's what little girls are made of. (She just kicked:)

That's right baby. We are now proud parents-to-be of a potato peelerette and a dish washette. Women belong in the kitchen, right? Wait till you hear that daddy can cook WAY better than mommy and who does the grocery shopping? Big pappa. Women are free now baby, and I can barely wait to get you on a surfboard. (She kicked again.) And when dad comes away from making us dinner, he can show you some fancy footwork with a soccer ball. (Double kick.)

One thing to jot down in your calender: grandma Sue will be visiting in July for TWO whole weeks, something your mom is overjoyed about. Grandma Sue has special bonding previledges during this time. Also there are thoughts and prayers going out to Aunt Brooke who is considering spending some time with you, but we have to make sure that Brooke and mom get to IKEA and Mango at some point. You are definitely invited!

Ok, now that most of you are about to gag at my blog adaptation I will just add this final dry heave: Mommy and Daddy are greatly anticipating life with you!

To the rest of you: Look at you! You're a good reader! goo goo ga ga!

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