torsdag, oktober 04, 2007

Yes, yes! I hear you, but you also know how life is! We are so busy with much going on right now. I will try to fill you in the best that I can. I just want to let you know that I am sitting right now in the SFO room and a child is farting beside me. For me to be at my job writing this tells you that I don't have that much time to myself these days and when I do the last thing I want to do is read or write. Vege...staring blankly at a television, playing SIMS or watching Simon pick his nose have become my favorite hobbies. Now that I have defended myself...

Here are my new daily routines: I have around 6 hours a week of English classes, an art class, P.E. and SFO. I love my English classes and would like to start studying again to, at some point, to be a full time English teacher. As those of you who have worked in a school system know, being a teacher is not an easy job, but being a part of a child's learning process is very rewarding. I gave my fourth graders a test the other day and had around 6 A's and nothing under a 76. They are magnificent...learning a new language at the ages 10 and 11! The kids are not the only ones that are learning, however. I have discovered a great deal about myself as well:) We'll save that for another blog. Attached are some pictures of my classes, meetings etc...

I have moved up a level in Danish, meaning the Tuesdays and Thursdays nights I attend pay off. You can imagine at the end of the day I am pretty tired but it's a "must have" kan man sige.

(Finally, the farting child took the bus.)

I joined the gym with a group of fabulous women. Though I don't get the thrill of wave riding, I actually look at it as my surfing substitute. It is a way I can fellowship, de-stress and stay healthy. We usually meet on Mondays and Friday nights and sweat our problems away while watching the muscly guys stare at themselves in the mirrors. (Meaty men, put politely!) Perhaps another reason I do it is so that my surfing muscles will be ready to surf again one fine day.

(Great, it's the girl that breathes heavy.)

Simon has decided his study focus. Well, it is a choice of two really, both involving, you guest it! Computers! He will either be applying his Bachelor in Anthropology and computer skills to Digital Design Communications or E Business. DDC consist of working with and studying digital media. For example, podcast, Internet, cell phones, text messages, blogging etc. E Business, on the other hand, consists of studying a particular organization's use of information technology (IT). These two areas combine Simon's interest of social studies and IT providing you and I better communication!

Speaking of communication. I have discovered (a little late) Facebook. This is a place where you can catch the small things in our life. My blog is still up and running and you can find pictures of the bigger events we experience. We are still enjoying life in Denmark though it has become quite demanding at the moment. I am certain and at peace with where God has us right now. We'll cross the next bridge when it comes.

"That is that and this is this. You tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get." And this is what you got. SFO is over and the heavy breather has now left the building.

With all my love, Court @ Billesborg

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