onsdag, juli 25, 2007

Sommerhus 2007

Ever since this past Christmas I think the Chercka family talked about going to the Sommerhus (Summer house). I have only been one time because I usually go to the lovely Outer Banks every year. But this was the year to stay home because every person with a last name Chercka (and then some) would be staying at the cottage that stands high and proud on a dune top overlooking a magnificent sea of splendor. I lived with 9 people for 7 days. On the sixth day I was looking for DTS sign up sheets. We lived, and we lived well, actually.

Adventures include:
  • Sommerland Fårup -In this amusement park my niece stood up on the bars that keep waiting lines in order and screamed in front of about 50 people, "I like to move it, move it!" from the hit Madagascar film. Nowadays, she is my biggest hero.
  • Visiting Vitskøl Kloster-This is a beautiful place overlooking the sea where Inger's mother grew up. Monks sometimes reside here, as well, and recently the Queen featured an exhibit of her very own paintings. One can smell the farting plant in the healing herb garden just beyond the sleeping quarters. Or was that me?
  • Playing Strawberry Shortcake on a gameboy during a glorious sunset
  • Admiring Andres stylish get-up featuring camo shorts, a wife beater and a Chicago Bears baseball hat. You might be a redneck if...you dress like Andre!
  • Beach soccer and Battlefield- games the men played to keep the "man" in "manhood".
  • Mille rapping-I filmed this actually...10 minutes of it, but you would have to watch the first few minutes crooked and as a merciful kind person I will spare you.
  • Culture night- every night we had a picture or film offering, sharing with the others our encounters from other parts of the world (Thailand, Germany, Norway and Madeira)
  • (My favorite) Helping save a bunny from one of the biggest bridges in the world. Dreadful situation that has a wonderful ending. It's better if I tell it in person so you can see the tears in my eyes:)

So that concludes, yet again, an amazing journey. Now, you tell me if you wouldn't be looking for a DTS registry form yourself...

God is fun!

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Nate Stratman (Director of Youth) sagde ...

Hey bott - it's kim. I never leave comments because I never know our blogger name/password. I love the pic of you in the flowers. You look so beautiful and happy with Simon. Thanks for all your comments on our blog. I love you and hope to see you next time you are in the states. -Kim
PS - I eat a lot of organic food now - Including kashi.