fredag, december 01, 2006

Desperate Danes: Top 10 Activities Denmarks Finest do When it's Hace Frio Outside

#4 Decorate? The first of every December Billesborgskolen likes to celebrate a day called Juleklip. This is the day that the entire school puts up homemade decorations for Christmas ( the word juliklip literaly means Christmas cutting). It is a very cozy celebration, if you will, which welcomes parents to participate in their child's craftsmanship. Teachers and some students prepare yummy things to eat and drink for all. Today, I was with the 8th grade and though they didn't go out of their way to be creative they surely partied. Other classes, as you can see from the picture below, went for the gold! Yikes!

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I love you soo soo much and miss u. Im at front porch with blaire ward, esther and robin molnar..they say hello...when you comming me