søndag, august 28, 2005

The wedding actually took place August 6, 2005 so I am a little behind updating. Simon and I have been forever busy and in contribution to this particular entry I was waiting for pictures from the dinner party that followed the ceremony and the reception. I never got them but this should do some justice at least for the ceremony.

The bride is Melanie Larsen who has been a friend of mine since Simon and I were in the “premarital” stages of our relationship. She has always been a Dane. We got to know each other through yarn and needles and then became sewing buddies when I arrived. Now we are able to share marriage experiences and recipes. After making bread with her tonight I am determined she will help me become a virtuous wife yet!

The groom is Daniel Hauloo…now Larsen. He comes from Ethiopia and his faith is downright inspiring. I interviewed him for a quiz that Melanie took just before they were married. She was to guess what she thought Daniel would answer for each question (kinda like a newlywed game). His answers truly displayed his love from the Lord. It is wonderful to know these two individuals, who are now Team Larsen!

Now for a brief wedding description: You see, here in Denmark the weddings are no walk down the aisle, have some peanuts and mints then drive off to a hotel room. We are talking about 12 hour shin-digs that consist of sitting ceremonies where the preacher preaches (or teaches), dinner parties where the caterers cater to your every craving and the speeches are spoken for hours on end. It’s only between the ceremony and evening party that there is a reception. This particular one was in and around a garden where you can practically watch the flowers bloom on-site. It was not like the American way, however, as you are obviously seeing now. We were merely at this reception for about an hour and the guest were served light appetizers, which did not compare to the dinner party six course meal. From 11:00 am to midnight we were able to experience this unique, fun occasion. The Dane that funds this event truly gets their money’s worth.

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